J2 Services

J2 Solutions offers a full range of construction services to business owners and entrepreneurs. Whether your project is simple or complex, our team of construction professionals has the expertise to benefit you.

Pre-Construction Services:

We provide consultant based services to the Owner and/or Architect during the early development and design phases of a construction project. We provide information in the areas of scope-development, scheduling, cost, constructibility reviews, logistics and value-engineering.

Construction Management:

If after providing pre-construction services, J2 Solutions can act as a General Contractor during the ‘construction phase’ of your project. We will manage all critical aspects of your project including budget, schedule, safety and quality.

Service & Maintenance:

J2 Solutions offers facility managers an oursourced maintainence and service department to help deal with small or unexpeced construction needs. Our AHCA experienced staff is fully trained, equipped and ready to respond to a variety of needs (including ICRA).