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Business Owners

J2 Solutions offers a full range of construction services to business owners and entrepreneurs. Whether your project is simple or complex, our team of construction professionals has the expertise to benefit you.

Why You’ll Like Us

In the world of business, we realize the bottom line counts.  So we have developed a construction delivery process that focuses on the things that are most beneficial to business owners.

Business Owners


Time is money and every day we finish your project ahead of schedule is another day for you to earn more profit. We carefully choose our material suppliers and subcontractors based on how quickly they can perform. The end result is your project being completed significantly faster.

Low Cost:

For any project to proceed, the numbers and cost have to make sense. To be as competitive as possible, we utilize our extensive list of contacts, construction knowledge and expertise to deliver low-cost / high-value projects. Moreover, we often suggest ideas or options that can often save you thousands of dollars.

One Point of Contact:

Everyone appreciates simplicity. Rather than you having to deal with a group of people to coordinate your project (architects, engineers, designers, contractors, etc), we coordinate all of those people for you. We will take care of everything.

Dependability & Consistency:

You already have enough things on your mind. The last thing you need is a complicated construction project to add to your already stressed day. Our job is to take care of all the headaches and deliver the project exactly as promised. We will coordinate everything from design through permitting through construction. Like all of our clients before you, you can rest assured your project will be completed without the hassles, headaches or surprises.

How It Works

After you’ve determined you need a contractor, the following process is started:

Business Owners

Step 1:

Call to set an appointment. We will make an appointment to visit with you at the proposed construction site.  While there, we will discuss the scope of work, your timetable, your budget, and desired outcomes.  Contact us.

Step 2:

Design & Estimate: In only a few short days, our team will create and ‘ existing layout’ and ‘proposed layout’ on our 3-D computer program for you to review at no cost (see example). Note- Architects and designers will usually charge thousands of dollars to perform this same identical service. We do it for free! If the design is acceptable, we will forward it to our carefully screened team of subcontractors and suppliers for competitive pricing. Finally we will provide you with a full blown typed proposal to complete all the work.

Step 3:

Proceed: Once approved, we will take care of all the details required for the construction project.  This includes coordinating with the architects, engineers, building department and so on.  Although you will be kept fully informed, you will not be required to perform any work as it pertains to the construction project.

Available Services

J2 Solutions offers a full range of construction services to meet all of your growing needs.

Business Owners

Pre-Construction Services

You have the most control over your budget while your project is in the conceptual stage. Why not involve an experienced contractor early to give you ideas and suggestions to save money? Our pre-construction service is a consultant-based service where clients pay an hourly rate.

Owner’s Representation:

If you would like to have an experienced contractor on your side of the table when it comes to negotiations or overseeing a project while it is being built, you will need an Owner’s Rep. We bring our experience and knowledge to work for you to protect all your interests. Owners Representation is a consultant-based service where clients pan an hourly rate.

Construction Management:

We are your single point-of-contact when it comes to coordinating all aspects of your construction project. Starting with design and ending with the successful completion of the job, we coordinate all the pieces required for your project.